Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"dunia khayalan.. dunia impian...~~" (lagu tema cite dongeng indon tv3)

i know rmai yg ske tgk cite2 dongeng tv3 ni kn? especially during school hols yg panjang & bosan. yup! including me lahh..

life can sometimes be very complicated. probs wit family, friends, boyfriend, studies, money, body weight, skin tone, & mcm2 lah! kalo tgk cite dongeng, best je kn? they have fairies.. fairies dat can solve all their problems. how nice! i really wish i can have one..
and im pretty sure my life will be so much happier.
im always hoping 4 happiness 2 come. success & joy throughout diz life.
but life's not always a bed of roses. lots of sadness & pain - i juz hate dat part of my life.

how i wish life can be a lot easier.. i wish i could control everything..
i wish everybody loves me.. i wish everything goes the way i want it..
i wish i wont get hurt.. i wish i could wake up every morning wit a huge smile on my face..
i wish to have a wonderful life with my loved ones..
i wish to live happily ever after..
and so i wish my life is a fairytale..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

selfish. am i?

even when u're happy with ur current love life,
hav u ever felt jealous looking at ur ex & his new girl?
okay2.. maybe he's not even ur ex. ur scandal? or juz someone u had a crush on?
u may be deeply in love wit ur guy, but at the same time u're still checking on him.
it's not dat u're seeing 2 guys at d same time- DON'T CHEAT BEHIND UR GUY'S BACK..!!

i mean.. stalk his fb or mspace or whichever social network lahh..
juz to c whether he's got a new girl, living a happy life, & bla.. bla.. bla..
however, one day wen u find out dat he has a new gurl,
there's this tiny weird feeling came rushing into ur heart.
very uneasy feeling -shocked? sad? mad? jealous?
so unfair. i know right.. u shudn't hav felt dat way..
all diz while u've been living a great life. so now shud b his turn..
ev'one deserves 2 b happy wit their loved ones..
da world knows u're damn happy wit ur guy, so wut if he's happy wit his girl?
u shud realize dat u actually still care. & u want him 2 b happy too.
juz maybe...
u dun want him 2 create new memories wit his new girl.
u're afraid of the fact dat he's gonna forget his memories wit u.
coz the memories u both shared are juz
too sweet to be forgotten..

move on people. live a happy life! :)