Wednesday, June 6, 2012

we never know...

Jodoh, ajal, maut, sume tu kan di tangan tuhan..
The moment when we thought we’ve lost the best person we’ve ever met, we cried, we suffered, but we never know that He actually has a better plan for us. He knows we’re strong enough to handle it, and only He knows who’s best for us.

Kadang2 environment yg lagi susahkn kte.. dahla kte mmg susah nk get through situation camtu, org kt keliling ni plak agy terukkan keadaan.. ade certain yg asyik tanye2,, ade certain yg blame kte plak! Tu agy teruk.. yg tambah keruhkn keadaan pon ramai.. I’ve been through these torturing moments, I know how much it hurts, and I really hope it won’t happen again..

Bile kte couple lame2, tp x bwk jmpe parents, dorg bising.. bile da bwk jmpe parents, dorg happy la time tu.. tapi bile x jadi ? mule lah kne bahan.. hmm.. padahal, bwk jumpe parents tu was just the first step to tell them we’re serious about our relationship. We wanted it to end up with a beautiful, happy marriage. Kalo couple bertahun2, of course we were hoping for a marriage kn? Honestly, I think org yg couple lame2, pastu ckp x nak kawen, adalah sgt ridiculous. Org cmtu ade 2 possibilities je : either die menipu, or die Si keji yg layan rmai lelaki.

I just wanna say that it’s difficult enough for us to get through the pain & sadness when we broke up. So friends & family shouldn’t put anymore pressure on us. We never planned to end up this way. We never wanted this to happen. We’re disappointed too. But what else can we do?  Sometimes we just have to accept the fate, be strong, & move on..  We’ll begin a whole new life, open a new chapter, and restart it all. That sounds hard, but that’s life!  :)

"one reason God created time was so that
there would be a place to bury the failures of the past"