Wednesday, February 19, 2014

shweet like chocolates!


“Jika terdapat tiga perkara ini pada seseorang, beliau akan merasai kemanisan iman; Beliau mengasihi Allah dan rasul-Nya lebih daripada sesuatu. Beliau benci kembali kepada kekufuran, setelah Allah melepaskan beliau daripadanya, sebagaimana beliau benci dicampakkan ke dalam neraka. Beliau mengasihi seseorang bukan kerana sesuatu, tetapi hanyalah kerana Allah”

Friday, January 31, 2014

Istanbul, aku dah datang!

just wanna share some pictures taken during our 6 days of voyage in Istanbul.
not so rajin to type banyak2, so let the captions tell the stories okay!

meet the members of the trip! hehe

hagia sophia used to be a church, then a mosque, but now it's a museum

blue mosque a.k.a Ahmed Cami, the only mosque that has 6 minarets.

Dolmabahce was Kamal Attaturk's luxurious palace & the centre of admins

topkapi is a huuuuuge palace, resided by the sultans

mysterious underground cistern who supplies water to the city of Istanbul

the harbor who separates "new" and "old" Istanbul

Sulaiman's mosque, still operating

Alhamdullilah, walopun x study kt negara Islam, we're so grateful to be given such chance to at least visit Constantinople: one of the most beautiful & historical place for Islam. we unbelievably had the chance to see barang2 tinggalan nabi2,, dpt tgk helaian janggut rasulAllah s.a.w., dpt solat kt Ahmet's, Eyup's, Sulaiman's, & Al-Fatih's mosque, and... dpt ziarah makam Sultan Mohammed Al Fatih, the best army leader who conquered Constantinople at the age of 21, brought the Byzantine empire to it's end, and build up Ottoman Empire.
Al-Fatihah to The Conqueror.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

u will be missed...

Dear baby,
it's been 2 weeks since u've been gone, and im still not over you.
frankly,, i still get teary while typing this entry.
just so u know, u've been my best company for the past 2 years.
losing u was the worst tragedy in 2013. the saddest one!
u were my first touchy one, my friend, my housemate, my bedmate, 
my travelmate, my loyal company who followed me wherever i go..
we travelled around europe & shared beautiful moments together.
u definitely hold thousands of precious memories..
how can i not be sad?  :'(

Dear baby,
u used to be beside me the moment i open my eyes every morning.
u used to be the last thing i see b4 i sleep & the first when i wake up. 

u used to yell at me every morning with ur annoying alarm.
u used to be on the sink, playing my fav songs while im in the shower.

u used to entertain me with ur games when i feel bored and lonely.
u used to be the closest friend i've ever had in france.
how can i not be sad?  :'(

Dear baby,
it happened in a blink of an eye..
it feels like a dream.. i wish to wake up and see u again.
i wish i could turn back time and hold u real tight that night..
i hope u're in good hands now (though it seems impossible).
i hope the thief will someday lose his/her both hands
so he/she cannot pickpocket anymore.

im sorry for being overly-attached to u.
but what can i say,, 
u were the one that have always been there for me.. literally.
u will surely be missed.

(22/10/2011 - 23/12/2013)

thanks for the memories dear  galaxy  :'(