Tuesday, February 19, 2013

prayers on wall


it has been quite a while since the last time i updated my blog. been busy with classes. this week is winter hols, so i get to spend some time dating with my blog :) Well, today we'll just talk a lil bit about hypocrisy: as i think i've seen too much of it these days.

i guess i've seen, met, & experienced, so many hypocrites in my whole 21 years of living. generally, hypocrites are those who pretend to be nice in front of you, but they talk behind ur back. Sadly, nowadays i've seen worse hypocrites whoplay God's name to cover the bad things they did. By having the angelic look on their faces, and by posting islamic phrases for themselves in public.. yeah,, they manage to melt people's heart & gain people's trust. But hey, have u been honest to Allah?

all of us worship Allah. but it's not necessary to show it with words. Show it with actions. If we really love Allah, then do what He tells us to do.. He never told us to be munafiq.. but He wants us to have good akhlak. Don't lie, don't hurt ur friends' feeling, do tolerate with others.. that's how we keep a happy relationship and a peaceful society.

Do spread ilmu & dakwah through internet. it's the best & fastest way to bring others to the right path. No matter how bad u think are, u still have the right to share the ilmu u have. But u dont need to pray for urself on fb, twitter, or wutever social network's wall. Where's the promise u made in ur 5 times prayer?
"You alone we worship, and from you alone we seek for help"??

I'm sorry, but sometimes when i see someone posting prayers for themselves every 10 minutes on their social network's wall,, i feel weird.. it feels like u're showing ur good deeds to everyone when it supposed to be only between u and Allah. i really hope they never had any bad intention evtime they post these prayers. i hope i was wrong.
i really really hope i was wrong...

Friday, February 1, 2013


assalamualaikum =)

"khabarkanlah kpd hamba2ku, bahawa akulah
yg Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang"
-Al Hijr, ayat 49.

pernah x rase yg kte nie dah terlampau byk buat dose & smpai rase give up nk bertaubat?
i believe that everybody wants to be good. ask anyone,, even murderers wish to end up in paradise.
i mean,, who doesn't? we all know how great & beautiful the paradise is..
So why should we give up, friends?? I, myself, have commited sins. I, myself have felt the same.
rase cm Allah pon da bosan dgn taubat2 kte,, beriye taubat, tapi pastu buat dose agy..

Alhamdulillah, after some sessions of usrah, sharing on FB, videos of UAI,, one thing yg mia sedar,
is that every living human on earth, still has the chance to repent, and to ask forgiveness from Allah.
selagi kte hidup, selagi tu la kte ade peluang utk bertaubat. Sbb Allah tu kn AR-RAHMAN (maha pengasih),
AR-RAHIM (maha penyayang) dan AL-RAUF (maha pengasih). "MAHA" people! dahla "MAHA", 3 kali plak tu sifat yg same. maknenye, sebanyak2 mane pon manusia syg kte, Allah tu syg kte berkali2 ganda agy byk! So kalo manusia pon boleh maafkn kte, inikan pula Allah?
Allah tu jgk AL-AFU (maha pemaafAL-GHAFFAR dan AL-GHAFFUR (maha pengampun & maha pengampun sgt2) maybe agy clear maksud die kalo kte fhm bahasa arab. dan name Allah AT-TAWWAB plak maksudnye

"tetapi barang siapa bertaubat setelah melakukan kejahatan itu, dan memperbaiki diri, maka sesungguhnya Allah menerima taubatnya. Sungguh, Allah maha pengampun, maha penyayang" -Al Ma'idah, ayat 39

Therefore, we shouldn't be wasting time, thinking whether Allah will forgive us or not. Sbb kte xtau bile tertulisnye ajal kte. today might be our last day, or tomorrow, or the day after.. who knows?
so why take the risk? segerakan lah taubat.. sesungguhnya Allah itu AL-ALIM (maha mengetahui), AS-SAMIK' (maha mendengar) dan AL-BASIR (maha melihat). Allah tau keikhlasan & kesungguhan kte utk bertaubat. Allah dengar penyesalan dan doa2 kte. Allah nampak usaha2 kte utk menjadi yg lebih baik. "Jika kte mendekati Allah dgn berjalan, Allah mendekati kte dgn berlari". Allah tu sangat2 sayang kt kte.. So why shud we run away??

Allah itu bersama sangkaan hambanya. So, stiase lah bersangka baik terhadap Allah ye! ^o^

p/s: may Allah forgive our sins & bless our lives. amin  =)