Monday, August 30, 2010


sumtimes i treat u very bad,
sumtimes i purposely make u mad,
coz i know u'll surely forgive me,
whenever i say 'im sorry'..

im sorry i never talked things out,
but instead i would always scream and shout,
im sorry if u think dat i never appreciate u,
u really should know my life means nothing without u..

thanx for your kindness dat I'll never forget,
u’re one of the nicest people I've ever met..
i promise dat the love so strong & true..
is what i will always give 2 u..happy anniversary, dear :)


GloxiniaFh said...

very3 nice mia! i like~ happy annivessary both of u~ smoge rship korang kekal smpai bile2 =)

iDzruLezZ said...

nice ones...smoga bbahagia slaluuu.. =)

miasara said...

thanx gloxinia! thanx ijat!
do pray 4 our happiness ya!
amin =)

aniza said...

*thumbs up..
epy annivessay mia=D

miasara said...

time kasih aniza~~ :D

muzakkir said...

hepi anniversary ;p