Wednesday, September 29, 2010

me & you

i always think of you more then i should,
but i wont stop myself even if i could..

everytime i see you i wanna let u know how i feel,
i wanna hold you and show you dat our love is real..

you were there through the good and bad,
you were there when i was mad or sad..

you're the one who can make me smile,
when i say i don't love u, it's just me in huge denial..

you mean the whole world to me,
and it just took me a while to see..

no matter how often we fight,
there'll forever be a place for you in my heart..
and we will never fall apart..


ika takiyudin said...

*tekan butang like* :)

miasara said...

*tekan butang like* jugak ;p

SYAFIQAH / S said...

sweet dear! hehe
kim slm kat mojek gedik tue eh :)

p/s : mia lagu kat blog kmu nie tajuk ape ye?