Friday, September 14, 2012

A day in Paris

My story begins when one of my friends told me that she'll be joining a group tour around Europe in 15 days. I'm pretty sure they don't have much time to travel all around the capital of France. So. . . in this blog entry, i'd like to suggest the 7 things i hate about you, Miley Cyrus. 7 things u can do in Paris, in only ONE day!

*study sket pasal 'metro'(subway) b4 dtg paris sbb metro ni complicated sket.
*beli ticket metro 'une journée' (one day) agy untung sbb korg akn gune ticket tu byk kali.
*make sure battery fon penuh spy snang nk google for direction kalo2 ter'lost' kt tgah2 jalan nti.
*urutan tempat2 ni starts with yg paling dkat dgn 'Gare de Lyon' (one of the railway stations in paris).

sila bgon awal so u can start ur journey around 8am.
one of the metro stations

 1. visit Notre Dame de Paris
    sbb tempat ni open anytime je, so awal pagi dah boleh dtg.

 2. visit Musée du Louvre
    museum ni bukak pkul 9pg-6ptg. everyday except tuesday.
    free entry for students (bwk student card ye)

3. visit Sacré Coeur / Montmartre
    ur 'one day ticket' allows u to use the 'funicular' to get to the
    top if u don't wanna climb the stairs.

4. visit l'Arc de Triomphe
    take pictures, and ofcoz u can do some shopping along
    Champs Elysées too!  (beli lah kete & bag LV sorang sebijik. heeee)

5. take pictures of La Tour Eiffel
    from 'Trocadero' station, just follow the arrow, and u'll get
    to see the whole great view of the Eiffel Tower. kat sini lah nk
    amek gamba pegang2 eiffel tower ke.. nk cubit2 ke..

 6. go up the 3 levels of the Eiffel Tower
   u're advised to buy the tickets online, few weeks/ months earlier
   sbb die sgt cepat sold out, and also to avoid the very-long queue.
   Plus, the 2nd & 3rd level might be closed during winter.

7. perform solat
    u won't find it in tripadvisor's suggestions. haha. but just so u know,
    there's a mosque at 'Chateau d'Eau' station. dan kt station
    ni gak ade 'Chicken Spot' yg jd pujaan kami sbb die mcm
    KFC, tapi die halal :)

p/s: we bought this Meal C for 17euros only (it's wayyy cheaper than buying 2 individual meals) So then we have to makan ayam and fries for dinner & breakfast! and.... we end up being very very boncet the next day.

BON VOYAGE. . ! !  (^0^)