Thursday, December 20, 2012


assalamualaikum :)

today is my second sister's solemnization!!
yeay! but i couldn't be there~ yeay! i know~ yeay! so sad~~
but im thankful that everything goes perfectly as planned.
alhamdulillah and yeay!!
wishing u all the happiness in the world
and may you have a blissful marriage to eternity!
congratulations kakdek,
and welcome to the awesome family, Mr. Abang ipar! ^o^

**thanks for the whatsapp pictures, kakya! 

last but not least,
picture of the 4 sisters!

p/s: who says i couldn't be in the picture huh? ^o^


Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

mak cik mia bila lg?

miasara said...

huhu. pakcik airil doakan la ye ;)

ikhwan@gowe said...

Busuk, main tepek je gambar ek?

miasara said...

edit yg paling senang! haha

Ezra said...

mia..try harder plis nak tempek2 gamba ni.. hahahaha.. mia senget! :P

miasara said...

eh? obvious ek? hahaha :p