Saturday, January 4, 2014

u will be missed...

Dear baby,
it's been 2 weeks since u've been gone, and im still not over you.
frankly,, i still get teary while typing this entry.
just so u know, u've been my best company for the past 2 years.
losing u was the worst tragedy in 2013. the saddest one!
u were my first touchy one, my friend, my housemate, my bedmate, 
my travelmate, my loyal company who followed me wherever i go..
we travelled around europe & shared beautiful moments together.
u definitely hold thousands of precious memories..
how can i not be sad?  :'(

Dear baby,
u used to be beside me the moment i open my eyes every morning.
u used to be the last thing i see b4 i sleep & the first when i wake up. 

u used to yell at me every morning with ur annoying alarm.
u used to be on the sink, playing my fav songs while im in the shower.

u used to entertain me with ur games when i feel bored and lonely.
u used to be the closest friend i've ever had in france.
how can i not be sad?  :'(

Dear baby,
it happened in a blink of an eye..
it feels like a dream.. i wish to wake up and see u again.
i wish i could turn back time and hold u real tight that night..
i hope u're in good hands now (though it seems impossible).
i hope the thief will someday lose his/her both hands
so he/she cannot pickpocket anymore.

im sorry for being overly-attached to u.
but what can i say,, 
u were the one that have always been there for me.. literally.
u will surely be missed.

(22/10/2011 - 23/12/2013)

thanks for the memories dear  galaxy  :'(

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