Monday, November 15, 2010

4give and 4get

those are 2 different actions.
u can easily forgive someone, but dat doesn't mean u can forget what they did to u. ryte?
as for me, to give or to ask for forgiveness, isn't so difficult.
but i can hardly forget wutever they've done, or wutever they've said..
their wrong-doings will juz keep coming back into my head. i felt guilty sometimes.
-seriously- but it's inevitable. i cudn't get it off my head.
i salute those who can REALLY forgive & forget. coz i can't.
and i'm sorry coz i failed to do so.

as the conclusion: whenever u're mad at someone, it's better for u to say nothing.
do nothing. and leaving that someone for a lil while might also be the best solution.
don't make any stupid scene, or say any bad word.. coz things will get worse..
coz most people are unable to forget those bad things dat u said..
so if u love ur friend, do think before saying or doing anything stupid.
thanx :)

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