Sunday, November 14, 2010

TVD -tamparan vampire diaries-

the vampire diaries. most of us must've watched diz popular tv series ryte? =)
my sister KAKDEK, has been watching it since couple of months ago.. i wuz the one hu gave her the 1st episode.. (downloaded by HAZIQ).. she told me it wuz awesome, & so i hav 2 continue supplying the following episodes.. at first, i dun really hav much interest 2 watch it coz i wuz bz catching up GLEE and HELLCATS..
however, afta reading many tempting comments about TVD, i decided to watch it's 1st episode..
u know, juz to usha2 the storyline, & the hot actors maybe?? and...

dats wen i saw the very-damn-sizzling-hot DAMON SALVATORE.. woohoo~~
the sound "gedebuk" tu bunyik i jatuh.. i fell in love with him laa...
love at first sight -dats wut people said- hahaha..
dah tu, ape agy?? i continued watching other episodes.. two-three episodes a day..
and my love 4 Damon juz got deeper.. padahal season 1 damon jahat gile kot?? hehe..
ntah la.. KAKDEK is crazy about STEFAN, damon's brother..
she said she prefers the protagonist, & never the antagonist.. blablabla.. hu cares?
i still like my damon! haha.. he's evil.. i know, ryte ;p

afta watching all d episodes given by HAZIQ, i started craving for more..
while waiting for the latest episode from him, i kept watching the episodes dat i've watched, over & over again.. haha.. i wuz insane.. i know, ryte.. ;p

then i started living in a little imaginary world of mine..
i feel lyke he exists taw.. somewhere around me..
i see damon everywhere.. i talk about him all the time.. (sampai kir tension)
i think about him at every minute.. & i stalk his twitter everyday..
wow!! those are actually kinda embarrassing... haha! but i hav to admit,
i'm having a serious crush on him. (as if he's real) haha.. it's pathetic.. i know, ryte.. ;p

somebody needs to stop all diz.. get me out of diz imaginary world..
bring me back to the real world.. stop my addiction to the vampire diaries..
"save me from the nothing i've become" (bring me to life - evanescence) tetibe~~ haha

tuje... tata!! (^o^)

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