Wednesday, January 12, 2011

true friends 2

...another 2 types of friends dat i've met:
and so my story continues...


They love to do things without even telling me. They hang out same2, but didn’t ajak me. Eventho they noe how much I wanna meet them, especially afta abes skolah & everyone da g merata2.. okaylah, bkn everytime dorg kuar dorg xajak. But out of 10 times dorg hang out, twice kot dorg ajak i.. sometimes i got too excited to meet them dat I set a date & time. They say they dun hav time lah, blek kmpg lah.. tibe2 ble I kua ngan my sisters, I saw them kua ngan kwn laen.. hmm.. I dun really care if they dun wanna hang out with me. Juz stop giving excuses & stop acting as if they miss me, and really wanna meet me. I’m actually kinda tired with excuses lah..


U might think dat ur best friends will be ryte beside u no matter in wut situation u’re in? think again. Coz my best friends are not lyke dat. Di suatu pagi yg hening, I got into a fight wit a guy at school, u noe wut my bestfriends said? “there’s nothing to do wit us. She did dat. Herself.”.. boleyh?? Haha. it’s true. I did dat. I’m the one hu hit the guy, not them. but they know well about wut dat guy did to me. So I thought my best friends will support me –the way dat guy’s best friends support him eventhough they know he’s guilty- so agy terok ar aku kne when I hav to stand on my own kn? Poor me. i xdela cuak sgt pon, coz I know those guys won’t kill me. Tp disappointed sgt ngan respon my kwn baik sahabat handai sekalian. Coz from wut I’ve experienced, bile u byk gang, byk org yg back up u, even if u are actually guilty, u can put the blame on sumone else. Mcm yg bdk laki bwat lah - Mcm mane jelas pon kesalahan mmber die, die akn stil back up member- dats wut friends are for. i seriously thought dats how it works (bestfriends will always stand by you). maybe it works on sumone else’s bestfriends lah kot? Clearly not mine. Haha.


Maybe I’m unlucky in friendship. Dat’s all I can say. Coz I dun really have any better explanation for all that happened to me. Am I so mean? I dun think I have any chance to be mean to my friends. (xsempat nk kenekn dorg coz asek aku je kene) haha! However, I dun blame them. In fact, I’ve forgiven them all. Seriously, the one who back stabbed me is now 1 of my best friends. But….. as i’ve mentioned before: it’s easy to forgive, but not to forget.

Not all the bestfriends in the world can be trusted. So, beware of dogs.


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