Friday, January 7, 2011

true friends

Do they really exist??
As for me, best friends & true friends are not the same. We may have many best friends, but not all of them are true friends. 19 years of living might have not given me lots of experiences. But I think it’s enough 4 me to learn dat true friends never exist -or at least they never exist in my life-. I used to think that I have many friends, I have my own bestfriends, I always have them to rely on, I have them to trust..
And I thought everybody loves me.. (i forgot the fact dat : everybody loves Raymond, not me) haha!
So, these are the types of “friends” dat I’ve actually met throughout my life:

When I wuz in primary school, I have 1 kwn. she was also my neighbour actually. Dat’s y i thought we cud be best friends. I trusted her. I liked her. if I bring food 2 school, I’ll share them with her. if I wanted to participate in any activity, I’ll ask her to join me. Tp last2 I dpt tau every single thing yg I bwat, mesti die x puas ati. Then if I win any competition she’ll complain. every time I wear any accessories baru yg cantik, she’ll buy the same one cepat2. Then she told other friends dat I copy her. jahat kn? Pastu die suke spread rumours about me, smpai kwn2 dun wanna friend me anymore. Then she suke make fun of me in front of the others. Aku plak cm bangang, diam & ignore je.. standard 6, we both were nominated to be the head prefect. last2, our headmistress chose me. Things got worse. She dun wanna listen 2 wut I said, pastu suke report kt ckgu about me. Hmm.. then I abes primary school with hope dat I’ll find better friends in highschool.

When I was in form 3, I couple wit diz guy. He was kinda famous dat time coz die bdk baru. Happy sgt lah ble dpt mamat tu! Haha. I also have 2 bestfriends dat time -my dorm mates-. I wuz so in love wit that guy taw. Everyday, I talk about him dgn my 2 bestfriends tu. If he gives me present ke, blanje mkn ke, I will story2 wit them lah. After only 4 months ktorg couple, I heard rumours about my boyfriend & one of my bestfriends tu. I seriously taknak pcaye. -My mistake for trusting her too much- I asked her, but she said there’s nothing between them, & they juz pnah text kdg2. She said she’s sorry. And so I forgave her & I trusted her. Couple days later, PMR. The nyte b4 sejarah paper, I went to class to get my notes. That’s when I saw THEM - Owh yess. They were together- So I showed my powerful middle finger at my ‘bestfriend’, and I slapped my ‘boyfriend’ on his face. I wished I cud juz rip their lungs out without mercy.. =)

dats all 4 now. i gotta go.
more types of fwenz sum other time kay!
~~to be continued~~


melie kay said...

hahahaha omg! u still remember those days huh? i guess maybe thats wut u felt at that time. me, being mean to u. cuz i was pretty sure i felt differently.i felt like i was the victim those days. but anywho, its been ages!! and tho this might be too late but i sincerely apologize about all the fights and misunderstanding that we had. and those cruel things i said to u. i was young and stupid back then. trust! hahaha.. hope u have a good life! tc babe! -melisa-

miasara said...

ooppss! i just read ur comment. haha. no worries, u're forgiven. well,, u know it's easy to forgive, but pretty hard to forget. those memories just keep coming back to me. haha. i'll get over it. u take care too ;)