Monday, May 30, 2011

we never know...

Mia bru dpt tau yg ade sorg member mia ni, gf die meninggal sbb leukemia. Mia usha fb die td, and I saw many pics of them. Eventhough mia x rapat sgt ngan member mia nie, mia rse sedih to know that he had lost his loved one. We all know how much we love our bf kn? Takley nk bygkn cane kalo bf kte tbe2 pergi utk selamenye..and im not sure if I can handle this kind of situation if I were in his shoe. Selame nie kte mesti byk gado2 ngan bf kte kn? Cube korg imagine kalo satu hari kte gado dasyat sgt ngan bf kte, & the next day korg dpt tau die meninggal.. mesti rse bersalah & nyesal sgt2 kn?

Hmm.. tulah yg mia ngah pike skang nie.. okay2,, maybe not only our boyfriend,, it could be our mom and dad, or our sisters, or maybe our bestfriends.. it could be anyone that we love okay..
We have to remember that everyone will die.. We just don’t know when..
and when the time comes, we can do nothing but to let them go.

So, why don’t we take this opportunity to love everyone to the max? Try to be nice to them, and always appreciate their presence in our life. we don’t wanna regret it when they are gone, do we?

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