Tuesday, May 3, 2011


KOT 2011.
my last sports day with my shahbandar friends. It’s sad. I know ryte~~
and so I decided to benefit it to the max!!
Surprisingly, I won 3 medals: 1bronze & 2 silvers - 1500m, 4x400, 4x100.
Should be great enough as my last memories in ipba.
yang plg best is dat my cheerleading team won 2nd place & also the best costume category!!
with only 2 weeks of practice, that was seriously an unexpected achievement. Hahaha :D

few weeks before KOT ktorg da start penat gile & juz can’t wait to end it. Tapi bile KOT dah abes, rase cm sdey je.. coz we know dat we won’t be spending lots of time together anymore.. I really hope we can always stay in touch. I’ll try my best to make sure it happens! ;p

shahbandar won the 2nd place overall. However, it will forever be the 1st in our heart..!!

Thanks to all for sharing these beautiful moments with me.
u guys are the best teammates i've ever had.
mia takkan lupe "until when-when".. hehehe
sayang korang! ;)


AfiQ said...

ha'ah... pas ni lame lagi la ko nk ber KOT balik yek.. huwaaaaa.. anyway, thank you so much mia, u help me alot kot masa kot ni, especially tuh cheerleading.. =)

miasara said...

my pleasure, afiq..!!
so glad that we finally succeed :)
tau xpe.. agypon sure time tu dah x semangat nk sukan2,, coz sume bdk2 shahbanda dah laen, dan x dikenali.. -____-

.:rizaL:. said...

haha...cayalah rumah kuning...btw, aku green house haha

Anonymous said...

best entry!
hai kak mia..aen ni.,,hihi
nak ikot sedeh same..hukhuk,,
rindu cheerleading team..and of course shahbandarians...,
good luck tuk kak mia..n thanks a lot sbb byk tolong dlm cheer and acara kite..,,hehe

miasara said...

thanks kt aen jugak!!
surely will miss all of u.
insyaAllah kmia balek dr sane nti,
dptlah kte jmpe agy :)