Sunday, February 12, 2012

never cheated on u

"Tetapi aku bahagia
pabila semua yang dikatakan orang adalah BENAR..."

NOPE..!! whatever they said, was NOT TRUE.
i never cheated on you!!
it was your fault for trusting them more than u trust me.
u shudn't have trusted them! u shudn't have left me!

And oh,, don't u remember,, . . .
u actually broke up with me 10 months ago?
i begged u so many times not to let me go,, but u still did?
u said u dislike my behavior? u said im a spoiled brat? u said im too clingy?
don't u remember,, . . .
that my worst nightmare is when im not with you?
so why?? why would i ever cheat on you??

now dat i've found someone else,
u suddenly came out with that cheating accusation??
what's ur point?? to make ur friends hate me??
or just to make me feel guilty??
i don't get it.. what do u want from me..?

u've found my replacement too,
and i saw the happiness between the both of u.
so, move on.. don't let the past stop u.
And we don't need to hold any grudge..
coz i believe we both could live a happy life.
insyaAllah :)

i'm sorry for not being good enough for you.
please trust me,, coz what i said is true:
i never cheated on you


Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

sabar ye kawan..

miasara said...

yeay kapten da bejaye! huhu.
insyaAllah. thanx airil :)

muzakkir said... tak ade jumpe sesiapa pun lagi..sbb entah la..setengah perempuan mmg baik..dan setengah nye hanya pandai bermain perasaan...tak penting pun sume tu...fokus pada kengkawan..dan study..papepun..tq..

muzakkir said...

sy ade post sumthing kat blog miakir..hope sudi membaca :)