Tuesday, February 14, 2012


do not hang up before u terminate a conversation.

other people might not take this thing seriously,, but unfortunately, i do.
as for me, those who hang up the phone before saying goodbye is terribly RUDE.
especially when i was the one who made the call.
don't u think we should appreciate those calls we received?
come on,, i know how bad & lonely it feels when our phone didn't ring for days.
So y can't we be grateful when someone volunteerly spend some penny
just to listen to our voice?

and oh,, one more thing,,
if u ever got into a quarrel on the phone,
please don't think that hanging up is the best solution to end the disputation.
the fact is, when u drop the call, u're actually turning the small quarrel into a huge disaster.

i HATE those who hang up my call

there,, i said it.
i don't care if it's a Voip call, Skype video call, Yahoo mess. video chat,
or whatever call i made..
So, if u dont feel like talking to me, just don't answer my call okay.
seriously,, that will make me a lot happier :)

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