Thursday, April 19, 2012

things happen for a reason

guys love to say that girls are incomprehensible.
but what about them? i don't think i could find any difference in them.
they are just as inexplicable as girls!

okay, wut makes me talk about this??
= the vampire diaries!

Stefan pushed Elena away for almost one complete season! (or more?)
he hated her, scolded her, made her cry, made her life a living hell..
but when Elena started to have feelings on Damon,, Stefan tbe2 ngamok! (wut the..?!!)
merajuk2 la bagai.. and makes it looks as if Elena is the only one to blame.
what was he thinking? i mean,, how long did he expect elena to wait for him?
how long did he want elena to cry? to suffer? i just thought that it's unfair for Elena.
she did try to save their relationship. she did wait for sooo long. but it changed nothing.
so wut if she's happy with Damon now?
Damon's been protecting her since the day Stefan left.
Damon loves her, & willing to do anything for her. (Damon's cuter too) haha.
so,, logically, Elena will have some feelings on him.
and i dont think she should be blamed. it wasn't her intention to be unfaithful.
she loves stefan. so damn much. and only god knows how much it hurts to let him go.
but she's giving up on him. After a long wait. After all the efforts she made to win his heart.
So, where's the huge sin? shud she really be blamed for what happened?
she just dont wanna suffer anymore. she just wanna move on.
she wants to stop being sad & miserable.
and she totally deserves it! she deserves a happy life!

**this kinda thing happens in reality too. some guys are just so ego? or selfish? idk..
but when girls cry for them, please them, they buat derkkk je.. sell expensive! (jualmahal)
they don't even care if the girl spilled '1 litter of tears' (drama korea) for them.
but when she's gone,, that's when they started to realise how valuable she is, in their life.

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