Wednesday, May 2, 2012

stylo kahh?

hye! aritu kn mia ade post kt wall mia & mntk korg like, if korg suke gmba mia nie kn?
so entry nie just to let u guys know the result laa.. heee..
i didn't win the street style contest
**tunduk2 sket,, malu. haha!
as said by the organiser yesterday, likes tu represent only 30%  drpd markah..
(tp 40% kalo ikot poster contest tu?) haha

So, nmpknye voucher shopping tu bkn rezeki mia le.. isk. isk.  kne shopping pkai duet allowance ar nie! haha. btw, mia nk ckp THANKS to all 471 friends,, and sisters,, who voted/liked this pic! (never expect to get this much actually) Also,, thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments!

This was my first experience joining such competition in social network dat requires votes..
So,, i can say,, it wasn't really a terrible start. but i don't feel like joining any contest agy. leceyh kot nk promote2.. haha. then bile x menang rase cm down sangat.. the whole day mia senyappp je.. xde mood lgsg nk becakap.. eceyceyhh.. nmpk benor menipunye! haha :p

and oh! i received many many friend requests from gadis2 spanjang voting dijalankan. mesti sume gadis2 yg 'Kaki Shopping' kn? haha. So i have many new friends now. enchantée!! ^0^
okla. tuje nk ckp. bye bye. have a great wednesday!