Sunday, January 13, 2013

NY in London

assalamualaikum =)

i know New York is not in London!  but it's New Year in London!! =D

2013 was my first new year celebration ever!  i used to spend my new year night at home.. & paling hebat pon, waktu millenium, satu family tido depan tv sbb tgk fireworks from all over the world.. but this year, after 21 years, dapatlah mia sambut new year kt lua rumah.. huhu. went to watch fireworks with nabila sarah (14 years schoolmate) at the London Eye!!  yeayy!! ^O^

frankly, malaysia's celebration is more besungguh than london's. concert new year kalo kt Msia kn pkul 9 dah start. Dok menyanyi menari la sampai pkul 12. tp kt london nie pkul 11 lbey bru start pasang lagu. lagu je taw. xde pon concert pape. omputeh pon xde la beriye2 menari sgt pon. yg besungguh menari smpai berdukung2 tu india adela. sbb kt sane ramai gle india. pastu pkul 12, ade fireworks show for 10 minutes, pastu dah.. sume org besurai.. tuje! haha. So maybe Msia boleh relax2 sket kot len kali.. xyah nk concert smpai 4 jam sgt la k.. haha.

and,,, we actually spent a week there. i'll just let the pictures tell the story...

beautiful faces ^o^

p/s:  i don't think new year celebration is a good idea for me. 
i prefer staying home. safe & sound. i love you bed =)

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