Tuesday, January 15, 2013

read. read. read.

assalamualaikum =)

first of all, i'd like to clarify the fact that i have zero intention to talk about politics in my entry.
all i want to talk about is the style of education in our country.

from what i've seen in CLA (a french language centre where people come from all over the world to study french), all the asian students do not speak much in class. Compared to the european students, the asians prefer listening, and keeping their thoughts in their head, rather than raising up hands and voicing out the things they have in mind.

when it comes to answering questions, it will always be the europeans who'll volunteer to answer first, -eventhough sometimes they got it wrong. The asians, especially the chinese, they usually know the answer.. they whispered to each other, but they don't have the guts to stand up and give it a try.

why is this happening? it's because of our culture. The beautiful culture that has taught us to be well-mannered, shy, and reserved. Yes, we do have the good culture. but we must know the limit, and we must know where & when to applyit.

In this 'listen-listen' case, i do have my respect for Ms Bavani. because she has the courage to stand up,  walk to the microphone, and voice out whatever she has in mind.- I've been to many talks before, i've seen how the audience act. they have very loud voice when they talk in crowd, but when it comes to Q&A session, individually, especially when the mic is in the middle of the big hall, everyone will start looking at each other, waiting for the brave ones to speak.
secondly, is because of her knowledge. she stated the facts. real facts, based on the partition of the country's budget. well i don't even know that, i never knew how much the country spent on my education and all.. i bet that Sharifah doesn't know it either- it's pretty obvious actually.
so, yeah.. i think what she did was right. students, lecturers, citizens, leaders, we all should have equal right to speak in order to improvise the quality of a system.

As a student, i hope i will have the courage & the knowledge that is necessary.
As a future teacher, i hope i can train my students to be more outspoken.. -outspoken and disrespectful are 2 different things- and what i really hope.. is that i will never deviate from my student's question, to an animal crap that doesn't make sense at all.

Mr. Bie, i love ur parody!

 p/s: org tu stand for student right, awk student, so hak awk la yg die tegakkan tu..
bile org tu kne marah, awk boleh tepuk tangan??
**pengsannnnnn -______-"

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Well said Minyu mi