Saturday, December 28, 2013


it's winter holidays now and i have nothing better to do than watching christmas movies, eat & sleep.
so today i decided to update my blog since i've neglected it for months
due to my laziness & busy-ness & exam-ness.
voila! here's my apple cinnamon pie recipe!

these are all u need to make a creamylicious apple pie. and oh! u need to have ur dough pastry too. u can either make it urself, or buy the ready-made one. well, i bought mine.

i usually use feuilletée or brisée. i've never tried sablee. and fyi, most of dough pastry in france have alcohol. so Marie's the only brand that doesn't contain alcohol (at least the only brand that i could find).

okay, it's so easy now. i mean, my lazy-way of baking is always easy. just poke some holes on ur dough pastry (with forks) then bake it for 15mins at 180 degree celcius.

while baking it, cut 4 apples into very small cubes, and 1 apple into thin slices. To make the filling, melt about 50g of butter in a pot, add in some honey, some fresh cream, & some cinnamon. (the quantity depends on u. we'll use the "throw & taste" technique) so just throw in the ingredients & let ur taste buds decide when to stop. then put in the diced apple. cook them until they're soft.

take out the dough pastry from the oven, and take ur filling off the stove.
cool them both at room temperature for about 10 mins. then put the apple  filling on the pastry, top it with the sliced apples we've prepared earlier. 
u can spread some honey & egg yolk on the sliced apples to give them a lil shiny gold colour! put ur pie in the oven for 30mins at 180°c.. and enjoy!


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