Thursday, March 10, 2011

damn frustrated

Is my heart too fragile? Or they purposely love to break it?
they love to make me cry.. and I never know why..
I can hardly understand.. wut’s wrong wit me? Am I not kind enough to have real friends?
I mean the REAL ones.. NOT those who search for me ONLY when they’re in need..
whenever I need them, they were not there.. and they actually never care..
I thought they are my real friends. Unfortunately I was wrong.. again..
I shudn’t have trusted anyone.. I shudn’t have given them my heart..
I shud have known dat they’re gonna break it.. and juz so they know,
I truly regret it.


n0t_kAsutKuniNg said...

hey..ada prob nak cari REAL friends??
1st, u kena kenalpasti apa itu erti n ciri "real friends"..then, u fikir dalam2, u ada tak ciri2 real friends tu..kalo ada, u akan jumpa the truly friends ever in the world.. :)
i am successfully found them =)

miasara said...

eeee... thank u 4 ur advice! :)
maybe i should reflect myself dlu..
hmm.. all diz while, i dun hav dat quality kowt..