Thursday, March 24, 2011

walk2 find food

we went to Alliance Francaise last sunday. we had an awesome garden picnic there. tp sbenarnye xdela best sgt pown, juz dpt mkn byk2, free, so pujilah sket kn? ;p
buffet die serve all kinds of food originated from all French-speaking countries. so, they are all bizarre, but okaylah coz we've got the chance to taste mcm2 masakan traditional negare2 laen..

okay, MACAROONS are the most famous cookies there. actually, rase die biase je. manis & sgt rapuh. tapi die mahal. so diorang serve cookies nie by plate taw. letak je piggan tu, org teros serbu.. puffffff... 5 saat je, licin pinggan tu. haha. kalo korg nk rase, u can buy them at HARRODS. rm15 for 6 pieces of those little macaroons :)

this was elly's plate. (don't feel lyke showing my plate coz penoh sgt. haha) names of these food? ntah. ktorg maen amek je. hehe..

oh,, we had fun!! and... BURRRRPP..!! excuse me~~ ;p

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