Monday, April 18, 2011

Alhamdulillah.. =)

I’ve passed my DELF B2 exam. This means I’ve got the ticket to further my studies in France.

I’m relief, happy & thankful. However, I do feel sad sometimes. Coz I know dat I’m about to leave my parents, my sisters, my boyfriend, my besta, and my friends for 3 and a half years. I’m surely gonna miss them very badly.

I’m also kinda afraid to live on my own. I’ve never been that far from my parents. I used to be so depending, so now when I have no one to depend on, I know life’s gonna be a lot harder. Can u imagine,, I don’t even remember the way from IPBA to my house (which takes only 10 minutes), I can hardly find the exit of Mid Valley, & I was once lost in IPBA (went to kir’s class, and don’t know which way to get back to my class). And now I wanna live in France all by myself??
Some kind of a suicide attempt I guess.. haha.

InsyaAllah we’ll depart in september this year. For now, I juz wanna spend all the time left with my loved ones!! So.. bubbye everyone~~

p/s: thanks utk sume yg doakn kejayaan ktorang ye.. semoga dipermudahkn segala urusan di dunia & akhirat.. amin :)


Nur Syafiqah Md Takiyudin said...


s. u. f. i. said...

alhamdulillah ~
Congrats Mia! tompang gembira !
;D ~

norpatin said...

congrats mia..!! all the best..u'll missed malaysia once u arrive france :) t.c

miasara said...

thanks eqa, sufi, & faten :D
ohh,, i'll miss msia, dat's 4 sure!
if possible, nk balek every year..
haha! gy pon blom,,dah poyo nk balek ;p

muzakkir said...

jangan pegi la...malaysia lagi best..haha..
dapat tengok menara telekom setiap ari kalo nak dibandingkan dengan eifel tower tu..hehe..

miasara said...

haha.. xpela, kmu tolong tengok2 kn menare telekom tu utk kte ye..
time kaseh ;)