Saturday, April 2, 2011

congratz kay!

French Language Week (21-28 march), suite à la semaine de francophonie, un concours de photo a été organisé par l’ambassade de France. Hehe. (poyo je!) Ni haa, sbnarnye nk gtau last month ade French-speaking week. So dorg wat WORD’N PIC contest.

Hadiah die gempak gle. Vacation gy France, Switzerland, Egypt.. so, I encouraged (or maybe forced) my KAY to participate coz I really want him to go to France! Hehe.. We took the photos according to the themes given (in French) so, we worked together lah.. Fortunately, one of his photos was selected as one of the “best shot photos”. Takdelah dpt vacation gy mane2 pon, but at least he won an invitation to a high tea at Taylor’s College (which bdk French pon weren’t invited =(.. Plus, photo yg terpilih tu, dorg pamerkan kt Alliance Francaise Kuala Lumpur.

haziq & kay beraksi romantic ;p

p/s: Actually I was the one who snapped this pic, kat area Laman Hijau IPBA tu je. Haha.
susah la gak amek gmba kerengga ni, smpai kne giget kt leher! Hehe. So, my KAY should thank me for that. And belanje ar pape yg patot ye.. hehehehe :D

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