Sunday, November 4, 2012

being transparent

im not that kind of person who likes to lie, and to hide things
. . .and i consider that as my weakness.

Some people just love being hypocryte. Tryin'na show their best side, and hide all the crimes they did, just to make a good impression, and sometimes to gain more trust. Sadly, society nowadays is too blind to see those hypocrites who live among them. So they keep adoring them, praising them, believing them. I feel sorry for the society, and i feel benci for those hypocrites.

the reason i write this entry is bcoz it's getting more obvious lately, yang society prefers org2 hypocrite drpd those who show their real colours. So, i consider being honest as a mistake that brings so many consequences. hmm.. how terrible is that?! mia x sure la mia ni naive sgt or ape (err.. adela certain yg pggil mia blonde) mia suke ngaku je sume psl mia.. (eventho kdg2 it's not a good thing) tapi admit jela, dah mmg kte wat. nk tipu watpe? kadang2 mia geram tgk org yg bajet baek ni taw.. bukan stakad x ngaku wat salah, tp siap condemn org agy! semate2 nk show good image, and to get people's trust. Come on,, ur friends are not blind..!! (i know what u did last summer.. tetibe!) xnak ngaku sbb nk jage name. or nk jage saham? xpela kalo nk jage name or whatsoever.. tp xyah nk la kutuk org.. sendiri pon wat, nk kutuk2 watpe? rase nk cepuk je :(

oh, another point.. org2 hypocrite ni slalunye dikurniakan wajah yg innocent & lembut je.. thats y dorg ni mudah dipercayai.. dan sbb tula muke mia yg jahat ni slalu je di pandang serong oleh masyarakat (dramatik gile ayat.. haha) pelik tapi benar.. since skolah menengah agy mia dah prasan.. org yg x byk cakap, pastu muke baik, pakai baju sopan, mesti confem2 akn dianggap baek je all the time. sentiase lah disayangi masyarakat.. Maybe because im loud, i talk too much, i overly-enjoyed my life.. does that make me look bad? is that how we judge people? ohhh,, malang lah mia kalo cmtu.. coz i love to cheer up people's life, i love to make them laugh.. i keep my sadness & problems to myself.. u can hardly see me cry, bcoz i spilt all my tears on my bed.. i dont need anyone's sympathy.. i just want them to see me happy. but most people misjudged me.. they thought i was too happy so they give me problems & hurt my feelings. they talk bad about me, & they critisize me for being who i am? for being cheerful? for being outspoken?

Frankly speaking, mia sgt disappointed dgn environment mia skang. kutuk2 & spread stories about people as if we have no heart. Im tired of listening to what people say about me, tired of taking care of their feelings coz they'll never care about mine. people talk, so i'll just let them talk.. if dorg ckp mende yg x betul, god will punish them. if mia yg x betul, im the one who'll be punished. as simple as that :)

p/s: kalo dri tu dah baek sgt, xyahlah kutuk2 org yg x baek,, kn lebih baek kte doakan die jd baek jugak?


Anonymous said...

Elena Gilbert much? :P

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

sabar ye mia..remeber one thing..Allah maha adil....n jgn lpe..u have your friend here (cakap sambil tepuk2 dada sndiri)

chingching said...

:) I kinda know who you're talking about. Sabar k Mia, who doesn't care for your feelings you said? I do!! So big time dekat orang yg did that horrible stuffs to you. Biar dia syok sendiri, she knows that she syok sendiri and Allah knows too.

Take care my dear!

apple damein said...

org baik xktuk org...chillex ar bro! mia cmni pun least we always seek for good things..

miasara said...

terimaaa kasiiiiihh :)
at least now im sure that i have 4 good friends who like me for who i am. cukup lah tu ;)