Saturday, November 17, 2012

the truth

...about my king size bed.

nothing much to say actually. Just wanna share some stories about my katil. huhu. I just realised that i spend most of my time on bed. tengok tv, makan, minom, wat keje, tido.. sume atas katil. Since my studio house is not so big, pastu gatai2 pkai katil beso, 70% of the floor is already covered by my bed. So, kalo lepak ats katil tu, lbey kurg cm lepak atas lantai umah la kot.. heeeee.
oh, and this morning i realised that all these while i've been using less than half of my bed to sleep.

whatever it is, i know i'm damn happy spending my time on this huge bed of mine.
love it sooo much that i miss it whenever i leave for vacation.
mesti sgt2 sedih bile balek Msia nti.. kne tggalkn die :'(


Ezra said...

kene tinggalkan die as in your bed or damon ni el? kompius jap. u know how language can be a little ambiguous kan! hahahah!

miasara said...

Ezra? nk kasi match ngan Elena ek? haha. btw, damon has gone home already.. pagi smalam :'(